The Ageless Project is determined to connect the Australian fashion industry in a way never seen before. It will come together with its sister industries, Beauty & Health and Spa & Wellness, to build a platform of strength and vision to create a glorious future and culture of world-class collaboration.

The Ageless Runway, the main event, will be vastly different from other Australian fashion industry projects. Set on the stage of stunning Sydney Harbour, it will be a Runway which embodies the idea that agelessness is an eternal concept and one which is inclusive of everybody, regardless of their age or demographic. The barriers and boundaries which have dictated our lives thus far, blend into a wondrous collaboration, where fashion and style, meets health and beauty, living your best life through physical and mental wellness in all stages of life.

Preceding the Runway event The Ageless Project will launch with a fashion, beauty, health and wellness summit where all connected people from our sister industries, will participate in discussions about how this important collaboration will create growth, success and the most solid of futures.

The summit will cover all-important topics of ethical production and sustainability in the fashion industry, the effects of fashion pollution and zero waste, negative and positive aspects of social media, physical and mental wellness, and the importance of health, beauty and wellness.


Australian fashion is quite simply the best in the world. An unarguable fact remains that Australian designers embody the story of success globally and always have. The Ageless project will re-energise those who have lost connection to their consumers, inspire designers and fashion industry creatives who have lost faith in their careers, and importantly connect all of us to those to people who wish to support their futures and in doing so, create a legacy for the magnificence and sovereignty of Australian fashion for this new decade.


The glory of Australian fashion is sadly a memory of the past; Australian fashion has lost its way. Retail continues to struggle as do independent designers. The emerging landscape for new designers is bleak and mentorship for the inexperienced, a topic of old. The Ageless Project aims to create a dynamic and exciting platform for all those who wish to dream of success again. It will provide the opportunity to connect those individuals who bravely answer the call of creative genius and relevant issues, but joyously come together to celebrate its unmistakable uniqueness and brilliance.

the eternal.

We are eternal. Fashion is for everyone. Beauty is within us all. Style is simply the expression of our personal uniqueness which reflects the depths of our human soul. Our mind, body, and spirit, deserves to be whole, healthy and well. You deserve nothing less.

The Ageless Project will touch you.


It will inspire you to ignite your deepest passions. It will connect you to your inner self and your fellow man and woman.

It will remind you of what it is you strive for in your daily lives, your careers and shape the dreams you hold close for your entire life.

It will banish your doubts when they arise.

It is what we have all been waiting for.

Welcome to the new vanguard of Australian Fashion.