Jade Cosgrove.

Jade Cosgrove is the founder of Label Ministry, an Australian fashion industry platform dedicated to the success, growth and ever changing landscape of Australian fashion, its environmental impacts, and our ever growing dedication and all important social responsibility to the fashion world, locally and globally.
In her current role as a Fashion Editor and Australian fashion advocate she seeks to bring positive change to the industry and drive support for established and emerging designers and creatives. A strong focus has been given to the importance of collaborations to create ways to bring exposure and greater opportunities for all.
Starting out on Cleo magazine she has remained a devotee of Australian fashion and was a successful retailer of fabulous iconic Australian labels, before focusing on fashion industry editorial and most recently, high level fashion events. As a producer of fashion events and PR based projects, she is an experienced fashion stylist and the author of her style manifesto, Body Architecture.

In 2018, she collaborated with Universal Studios to create The Jurassic Fallen Kingdom Runway in Sydney, the new fashion Runway concept within the Australian fashion industry. Read more…

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This year, she walked the runway for Aqua Blu at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Brisbane, and is currently developing The Ageless Runway which will be held late 2020.